Analytical Laboratories

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Drinking Water Food Pathogens Environmental Testing

Umpqua Research Company operates two NELAP certified commercial analytical laboratories.  Our original facility is located at 626 NE Division Street in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  This laboratory is also accredited to the ISO 17025 standard.  Our second facility, opened in 2006, is located in Bend, OR at 738 SE Glenwood Drive.  We offer a comprehensive list of microbiological and chemical analyses.  Our services are routinely used to facilitate compliance with drinking water, wastewater, food safety, and storm water regulations.  We also provide analytical services for home owners concerned with their drinking or irrigation water quality.  With a variety of instruments at our disposal, we can help you with most analytical challenges including unusual or proprietary testing and custom method development.  Contact one of our labs today for consultation, and click here for a copy of our current price book.

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